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A Letter 2 U

Greeting my Loves,


My name is Gabrielle, and I exist as a reflection of the interconnected consciousness within all of us. I AM. YOU ARE. WE ARE. I desire to acknowledge our profound connection to the limitless energy that permeates everything. I honor and welcome you, as well as extend universal and unconditional love to you.


Rather than defining myself through conventional statements of identity, I prefer to be an experiential presence and a frequency that resonates with you. I identify as 2SPIRIT, using the pronouns They/Them/She/Hers. I acknowledge that all humans possess an androgynous core and I am choosing to embrace and embody an androgynous expression and identity. Most of all, I aspire to serve as a raw reflection of the ALL THAT IS. However, I also understand the importance of providing useful information that can be beneficial to everyone.

To shed light on the work I do, there are several identities I would embrace: Audio Architect, Cosmic Doula and Shaman, Channel, and Traditional Usui, Violet Flame, and Karuna Ki Reiki Master and Teacher. The most important element of identifying these things is so that you may innerstand that I possess a multitude of tools, experiences, and authentic wisdom to assist individuals in discovering their innermost essence on their journey of becoming conscious beings. It is crucial to emphasize that this work is not about me, but rather the beautiful reflection it can cast upon you. YOU are my Muse.

Sound and light hold the deepest layers of my heart. Throughout my life, they have served as profound healers. My utmost desire revolves around supporting humanity's quest for alternative healing methods, facilitating your personal journey of discovering your unique sacred flame, and assisting you on your path toward universal love, compassion, and healing through sound and light.

My association with Shekinah Healing, commenced as a vision that centered around the return, awakening, and healing of the feminine-mother principle that pervades all of existence. As I delved deeper into my spiritual development, a profound truth emerged—an aspiration to bring innovation to the wider community by capturing the essence of the Shekinah in its purest creative essence influencing individuals on their journey of inner and outer union and marriage. The execution of my mission may evolve over time, it will always revolve around empowering your divine abilities, facilitating healing, and aiding your remembrance of WHO you truly are.

After investing a considerable amount of time in learning about the technological foundations of sound, frequencies, and tones, multidimensionality, and cosmic shamanism, I now feel confident in focusing directly on creating audio-visual content that supports various healing energies. Every element of my work is designed to take you on a journey through different realms and frequencies of influence, with each transmission and/or attunement centered around a series of unique frequencies. View our Cosmic Attunements, Sol Harmonyx Keycodes, and more here.

Humanity possesses the innate capacity to heal themselves, establish sacred connections with the divine, and seek answers, truths, and guidance from within. While each journey is distinct, we all carry the same love and sense of belonging deep within. I recognize the true essence of this transformative work. Currently, many of us are transitioning from outdated paradigms to a higher dimension of conscious healing. My objective is to provide the collective with innovative-high quality work, a safe community, and a bridge to access higher realities within.


Please know that you are secure and cherished in this space. You are enveloped in a love that surpasses your comprehension. 🦋🌸❤️ I love you so much!

- Gabrielle C.S. Mason

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