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By purchasing, investing in, or experiencing any of Shekinah Healing's work, services, and/or material, you are hereby recognizing the disclaimer below:


Disclaimer: The information and services provided by Shekinah Healing, Gabrielle Mason, or Shekinah Healing, LLC are offered for general informational and educational purposes only. The experiences, effects, and outcomes that individuals may have during the use of Shekinah Healing's services are subjective and can vary greatly between individuals.

Shekinah Healing, Gabrielle Mason, and Shekinah Healing, LLC make no guarantees or warranties regarding the results or effects of their services. The experiences, outcomes, and effects derived from participating or investing in the work, services, or material offered are solely the responsibility of the individuals engaging in them.


Furthermore, Shekinah Healing, Gabrielle Mason, and Shekinah Healing, LLC shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or any other damages arising from or in connection with the use of their services. This includes, but is not limited to, physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, or financial damages.

Individuals engaging in Shekinah Healing's services are advised to use their own judgment, discretion, and discernment when participating in any activities or utilizing any information provided. It is recommended that individuals seek appropriate professional advice or assistance for any specific concerns or situations.

By choosing to participate in Shekinah Healing's services, individuals acknowledge and agree to release Shekinah Healing, Gabrielle Mason, and Shekinah Healing, LLC from any and all claims, liabilities, or damages arising from or related to the use of their services.

Copyright Statement

All work, creations, compositions, and materials (collectively referred to as 'the Works') created by Gabrielle Mason, Shekinah Healing, and/or Shekinah Healing, LLC (referred to as 'the Creator') are protected by copyright laws and are the exclusive property of the Creator. This includes, but is not limited to, written content, literary works, artwork, music, videos, designs, and any other original creations produced by the Creator.

The Creator reserves all rights to the Works, including the rights to reproduction, distribution, display, and modification of the Works, in whole or in part, in any form or medium, whether currently known or developed in the future. No unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution of the Works is permitted without the express written consent of the Creator.

Any unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution of the Works may result in legal action and entitle the Creator to seek remedies and damages available under applicable copyright laws.

All rights not expressly granted in this statement are reserved by the Creator. This statement does not transfer any ownership or intellectual property rights of the Works to any third party.

By accessing, using, or engaging with the Works, users and third parties agree to comply with this copyright statement and acknowledge that any violation may result in legal consequences.

For inquiries or requests regarding the use of the Works, please contact:

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