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It can be extremely helpful to dive into studying your personal astrological chart. WE ARE THE COSMOS. There are three main elements in Astrology. Planets, Zodiac Signs, and Houses. There is a bunch of information and details to reading a chart. Below are resources that can assist you in diving into your "Blueprint of the Stars". Innerstanding your chart can help you study different transits so you know how to optimize their influence.  

Planets/Other Personal Placements

The planets in this solar system are a reflection of self (literally and figuratively). It's recommended to look up your specific planets and placements (I.e - Sun in Scorpio in the 10th house). You can look up Sun in Scorpio and then look up Sun in 10th house. This will give you details on your layers of being. Planets are often associated with your qualities and innate nature often times pointing out areas of strengths and natural weaknesses we carry. Each planet has a Zodiac correspondence that can help you connect dots. Everything is connected.


Personal Will. Life Force. Masculine Energy/Father General Inner-self. 

Rules Leo.


Emotional Body. Relationship with Mother/Feminine. How do you handle your emotions/feelings?

Subconscious Energy. How you cope. Divine Femininity. 

Rules Cancer.


Communication. Your thought process. How you process information. How you learn.

Rules Virgo and Gemini.


Beauty, Aesthetic, What we value in Relationships. How we relate/express Love. Finances. 

Rules Libra and Taurus.


Masculine Energy. Aggression. Will power. Conflict Management. Power. Action.

Rules Aries and Scorpio.


Expansion. Luck/Blessings. Crown Chakra/Kether. Growth. Abundance.

Rules Sagittarius.


Dreams. Illusions. Fantasy. Imagination. Third eye. Escape. Addictions. Rules Pisces.


Eccentricity. Innovation. Change. Renewal. Rebellion. Freedom. Unexpected Shifts.

Rules Aquarius.


Karma. Lessons. Restrictions. Boundaries. Discipline. Reality. YHWH. Satan. Kronos. Keeper of time. Root Chakra. Rules Capricorn.


Rebirth, Death, Transformation, Sex, Occult, Power.

Rules Scorpio.


Dark side of the moon. Dark feminine. Shadow. Should be worked through, analyzed, and harnessed for positive inner transmutation.

North/South Node*

South Node: Represents past lives. Gifts and habits you came into this life with. Comfortzone.

North Node: Represents Destiny/Fate. Direction. Sometimes uncomfortable. 

Saturn Returns (27-30) often bring us the opportunity to step into further alignment with our north nodes.


Wounded Healer. This is a wound we often are tasked with having to work on/face in our lives that can assist us on our journeys. 


1st House - Associated with Aries. This will always be your ASC or Rising sign. House of self, identity, and how you are perceived. Personality. Opposite 7th House.

2nd House - Associated with Taurus. Finances. Personal Possessions. Material associated with Self. Opposite of 8th House.

3rd House - Associated with Gemini. Communication. Siblings. Thought patterns. Mental body. Learning. Opposite 9th House.

4th House - Associated with Cancer. Home, Mother, What brings comfort. Family. Opposite 10th House.

5th House - Associated with Leo. Creativity, Romance, Dating, Children. Fun times. How you express layers of self. Opposite 11th House.

6th House - Associated with Virgo. Health, Work Routines, Pets. Organization. Patterns in daily life. Opposite of 12th House.

7th House - Associated with Libra. Partnerships. Contracts. Romantic/Business Long-term Connections. Opposite of 1st House. 

8th House - Associated with Scorpio. Death, Rebirth, Occult, Sex, Shared Resources, Charity. Opposite of 2nd House.

9th House - Associated with Sagittarius. Expansion, Spirituality, Philosophy, Wisdom. Opposite of 3rd House.

10th House - Associated with Capricorn. Career, Fame, Father, Discipline, Structure. Opposite of 4th House.

11th House - Associated with Aquarius. Friendships, Hope, Relationship with Collective. Opposite of 5th House.

12th House - Associated with Pisces. Dreams, Spiritual abilities, Endings. Subconscious. What was happening in the Womb. Opposite 6th house.

Zodiac Signs (In Order of Houses 1-12)

There are 12 Zodiac Signs (Elders) that rule over this domain. These are split into Fixed, Cardinal, Mutable signs.

Mutable signs are comfortable with change. They shift and adapt pretty easily.

Fixed Signs are used to routine, sticking to their comfort zone. They often have difficulty with change.

Cardinal Signs are signs that begin each season. Visionary energy. Go-getters. 


Every sign has a counterpart this is parallel to the Moon cycles for every season. Earth will always have Water as a Counterpart and Air with Fire. (Aries/Libra, Taurus/Scorpio, Gemini/Sagittarius, Cancer/Capricorn, Leo/Aquarius, Virgo/Pisces)

1. Aries

Connected to Mars and embodies 1st house energy. Cardinal Sign. Strong, Stubborn, Intense, Fun, May be Impulsive in area of chart. Usually indicates an area that needs mastery in this life.

2. Taurus

Connected to Venus and 2nd House Energy. Fixed Sign. Headstrong, Family Oriented, Comfortable, Grounded, Stable, Can get intense when upset. Needs/Prefers Security.

3. Gemini

Connected to Mercury and 3rd House Energy. Mutable Sign.  Goofy, Witty, Enjoys to be active/travel, Enjoys communication and learning.

4. Cancer

Connected to the Moon and 4th house energy. Cardinal Sign. Mother energy, caretaker, moody, can be passive. Withdrawn when upset. Family-oriented energy.

5. Leo

Connected to the Sun and 5th House Energy. Fixed Sign. The STAR, enjoys affection and attention, organized, proud, enjoys beauty, fierce, often creative.

6. Virgo

Connected to Mercury and 6th House Energy. Mutable Sign. The Virgin Mother, Tree energy, Critical, Cleanly and organized, Practical. Grounded.

7. Libra

Connected to Venus and 7th House. Cardinal Sign. Justice. Balance. Friendly. Enjoys harmony. Enjoys beauty and aesthetic.

8. Scorpio

Connected to Pluto/Mars and 8th House Energy. Fixed Sign. Death. Rebirth. Transformation. Diving into the abyss to rise as the Phoenix. Transformative energy wherever Scorpio is in the chart.

9. Sagittarius

Connected to Jupiter and 9th House Energy. Mutable Sign. Expansion, Optimistic, Life of the Party. Freedom-loving. Can get distracted. Focused on big picture thinking.

10. Capricorn

Connected to Saturn and 10th House Energy. Cardinal Sign. Go-getter. Abundant. Hard working. Serious. Perfectionism at times. Purpose-striving. 

11. Aquarius

Connected to Uranus and 11th House Energy. Fixed Sign. Innovative. Unique. Stubborn. Friendly. Unconventional. May seem more focused on mental than emotional.

12. Pisces

Connected to Neptune and 12th House Energy. Mutable Sign. Dreamy, Addiction/Escapism prone, may be self sacrificial, loving, sensitive, nurturing.

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