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Sacred Texts

Below are recommended books, sites, and resources that I would recommend for those looking to dive deeper into their personal development of spirituality. Most of these books can be found in PDF form by googling the book name with PDF after, although this is not recommended. 


If you would like to recommend a book, contact me so that I can add it.

Pistis Sophia Unveiled

For those interested in Christ, Gnosticism, Genesis stories, Esotericism (Internal work), a guide to enlightenment/mastery.

Gnosis of the Kali Yuga

For those interested in Christ, Gnosticism, Self Mastery, Ego-work, Healing, Meditation, Sexual Transmutation, Kundalini, New Age Info, Enlightenment.

The Yellow Book

For those interested in the White/Left Hand Path, Mystery Schools, Sacred Alchemy, Sexual Magic, Enlightenment, Self Mastery, Diving into abilities, Gnosticism, etc.

Egyptian Book of the Dead

For those interested in Egyptian Deities, Ancient Egyptian Roots, Root Spirituality, Foundations for Modern Beliefs, and more.

Sophia Code 

For those interested in diving into Divine Femininity, Dragons, Isis, Hathor, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Green Tara, White Buffalo Woman, Awakening Abilities, Healing layers of self, (Takes about 6-8 months to read due to strength of transmissions). 

Magdalene Mysteries: Secrets of the Left Hand Path of Christ

For those interested in Christ, Mary Magdalene, Divine Feminine History, Sexual Magic, Womb Healing and Magic, Alchemy, A Guide to awakening, Divine Union, Water Priestesses, Different kinds of White Witchcraft.

The Holy Bible

For those interested in the foundation of Christ, Alchemy, Esotericism, Christianity, etc. Old Testament represents YHWH (Age of Aries). Christ Represents New Testament (The Divine Father and Mother) Age of Pisces. Christ fully incarnated the So(u)n within as a magician of the White Path (Left Hand Path). 

Bhagavad Gita

For those interested in Hindu based history, Knowledge on Sacred Hindu belief systems, a beginning guide to yoga, Hindu Deities, Sexual Alchemy, etc.

Autobiography of a Yogi

For those interested in Hindu based history, Jinn States, Paramahansa Yogananda, Yogis, Knowledge on Sacred Hindu belief systems, a beginning guide to yoga, etc.

Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life

There are 2 Volumes. I recommend the 2nd Volume more than the first. For those interested in Egyptian History, Spirituality, Sacred Geometry, Controversial Star History, ET's, Merkabah, Meditations, Portals, etc.

The Perfect Matrimony

For those interested in Christ, Alchemy, Sexual Magic, Kundalini, Awakening, Mastery through sexual transmutation, breath work, aguide to healing, ego work, and more. (Recommended for those seeking to learn about the Right Hand (White) path of becoming Resurrected.)

The Secret Teachings of All Ages

For those interested in a comprehensive guide through ancient to modern spiritual beliefs, origin stories, expanding spiritual knowledge, diving into a buffet of different subjects that may help you discover your personal blueprint interests, etc.

I Ching

for those interested in Eastern rooted wisdom, a guide to everyday life, awakening layers of your being, answers to states of being, self help, and mastery.

Merging with Siva

for those interested in metaphysical and contemporary philosophy rooted in Hindu belief. A great instruction manual of communion with self, the Divine, and mastering of the mental and emotional bodies. Highly Recommended. Information on Karma, Kundalini, Chakras, and more.

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