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Cosmic Attunements

Water Drops

Pricing Disclaimer

Careful consideration has been given to pricing, aiming to strike a balance between valuing the time, energy, and resources invested while also making my services accessible to a wide range of individuals. With that being the case, I try to remain as mindful as I can within the community. Everyone’s situation is different and it is important to honor that. If you are concerned about the pricing listed, please don't hesitate to reach out here. I am here to discuss options so that we can try and find a solution that works best for you.

Are you ready to Transform?

A Unique, Timeless, and One-of-a-Kind Inner Cosmic Experience cultivated just for you!

What are Cosmic Attunements?

Attunement means "to at(TUNE); to harmonize".

Unique to Shekinah Healing, cosmic attunements embody a profoundly sacred and spiritual journey that encompasses various dimensions of one's existence – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This process serves to align an individual harmoniously with a specific cosmic frequency and energy, safeguarded within a sacred and authentic framework. I often correlate this energy with the Divine Mother's wisdom and guidance, alongside profoundly sacred and distinctive shamanic practices and methodologies. Much of this work is work centered round connecting an individual with their creative force or life force energy. You could view these as kundalini stimulating experiences and can find more information about the kundalini here. We  all carry powerful life force within us. This life force creates, births, destroys, and alchemizes among many other things. These experiences are very similar to creating a personalized chamber for each individual that feels the call to take the leap into transformation and actualization.

These cosmic attunements are not confined to a specific audience; however, participants should be prepared for catharsis, purification, enhancement, and transformation. The effects on the physical, mental, and emotional facets can be profound and diverse, underscoring the importance of embarking on our preliminary heart temple program. The full integration of the Attunement experience may extend over a span of 3-6 months. These Attunements act as timeless and cosmic incubators, facilitating one's rebirth and emergence.

Shamanic Ceremony + Cosmic Frequency + Intention + Magic + Sound + YOU = Cosmic Attunements

The amalgamation of our life force energy and the orchestration of cosmic ecstasy, coupled with a deliberate connection to a specific stream of creation, engenders the potent activation and attunement within one's essence. It is the innermost cosmic sphere and uni-verse (a singular song) that will guide the individual's journey. The sounds, effort, voyages, and purposeful infusion of love and magic into each Attunement are pivotal in facilitating this progression. It's important to acknowledge that each Attunement is intrinsically linked to the betterment of our collective and the greater good. This work draws inspiration from ancient and futuristic methodologies of energy, sound, and cosmic rejuvenation. The majority of Attunements encompass luminous language, energy restoration, and guided expeditions into heightened dimensional realms. This likening can be drawn to sacred ceremonial processes, involving alignment sessions, integration, and the Attunements themselves.


Beyond facilitating a connection with the innermost self and unifying layers of existence, these Attunements serve to rouse one's multidimensional awareness. The sole prerequisite is a commitment to self-investment and the pursuit of the highest good. This distinctive process has been meticulously developed over years, and though subject to evolution, its core essence remains rooted in alignment with our collective, enriched with comprehensive instructions for an optimal encounter.

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