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Sound Transmissions

All creations here should be viewed as alchemical sessions in which you invest, rather than through the lens of conventional societal views on sound. Whether it's our intense cosmic attunement programs or traditional audio sessions, each transmission is a fusion of intentional energy work and working with audio frequencies. Enjoy these transmissions/sound portals created to connect you to specific light codes, frequencies, and energetic healing energy. These are meant to assist in your process of healing and returning back to layers of self. Most of these have been posted on YouTube. I post them here for your access if there are ad interruptions, as these are sound experiences that should not be interrupted. For now, they are not available for download. There is a guide that includes information, tips, and guidance to assist you in having the most aligned experience for you!


 Copyright of material as well as sharing any purchased sounds is prohibited. Read more here.

All works written & composed by : Gabrielle Mason at Shekinah Healing, LLC

© 2023 Gabrielle Mason - Shekinah Healing, LLC. All Rights Reserved.




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