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Sound and Light

One became Two. Two became Three. Three became Seven.

The first elements of creation. Before there was form of any kind. Before creation, there was nothing. The Cosmic Womb of All. The Great Wisdom of all. The sacred Yoni and Phallus combined to create the Big Bang. Internal and External Divine Creation. Reflecting all that was and ever will be. From these first aspects of creation we had vibration and light. This created Divine emanation in different forms. Light became fixed in different strains of that divine emanation and vibration took on tones. 


At the root core of your being is this knowing. This same wisdom. When we KNOW, we can then remember. Embody. Become. You are vibration. You are sound. You are Light. These elements of creation can manipulate your energetic, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fields down to the cellular and molecular level. Feel into the wisdom that each of your cells is a divine symphony of the Big Bang on repeat. Your body is a reflection of each and every system external to you. The more you melt into the wisdom of Creation and No-Thing (WomB), the more you are able to capture and embody deeper layers of love. 

"If you learn music, you'll learn most all there is to know."
Edgar Cayce


Sound holds a profound sacredness, transcending cultural and spiritual boundaries. It is believed that the seven rays of creation, also known as the seven colors of the rainbow, correspond to the seven notes in the musical scale. Each ray carries a unique vibration and energy, and when expressed through sound, it becomes a powerful tool for healing and transformation.

Scientific studies have demonstrated the extraordinary healing potential of sound. The vibrational nature of sound affects our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Through various techniques such as chanting, toning, or listening to specific frequencies, sound can harmonize our energy centers, release blockages, and restore balance within our bodies and minds. Sound's ability to influence our consciousness and thinking processes is remarkable. The rhythmic patterns and frequencies of sound resonate with the neural networks in our brains, stimulating different areas and altering our cognitive states. Thus, sound becomes a catalyst for transforming our thought patterns and promoting positive mental states.

In essence, the sacredness of sound lies in its capacity to connect us to the universal fabric of creation. It bridges the gap between the physical and the spiritual, guiding us toward wholeness and inner harmony. By harnessing the power of sound, we can tap into its healing potential, transcend limitations, and embrace a state of resonance with the greater cosmos.


Light and visuals hold a profound sacredness, revealing the beauty and interconnectedness of the universe. The seven rays of creation, often associated with the seven colors of the rainbow, represent distinct and vibrant strains of energy that exist within both ourselves and the cosmos. Each color carries its own unique frequency and symbolism, offering insights into the various aspects of life and consciousness.

Just as light reflects and illuminates the external world, it also serves as a mirror for our internal landscape. When we perceive and engage with visual stimuli, we are presented with opportunities for self-reflection and deeper understanding. The interplay of colors, shapes, and forms in art, nature, and even in our everyday surroundings can evoke profound emotional and spiritual responses, offering glimpses into the profound mysteries of existence.

The sacredness of light and visuals lies in their ability to inspire and uplift, to ignite our imagination and awaken our senses. Through visual experiences, we can access realms beyond the mundane, tapping into the infinite realms of creativity, inspiration, and transcendence. Whether through the vibrant hues of a sunset, the intricate patterns in a sacred geometry, or the mesmerizing strokes of an artist's brush, visuals become portals to the divine, connecting us to the depths of our being and the expansiveness of the cosmos.

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