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Heart Temple
Explore your Multidimensionality

What is Multidimensionality?

YOU are Here. YOU are There. YOU are Everywhere.

Multidimensionality is a concept that arises from the intersection of spirituality, metaphysics, and the belief in multiple dimensions beyond our physical lens' of perception. It suggests the existence of higher and lower realms or dimensions of consciousness that can be accessed and explored. The reality we dwell in is one of may and on each paradigm or possible realm, you also dwell. There are many different concepts such as galactic realms, parallel lives, timelines, portals, vortexes, etc. Many of our cultures and religions have a basic belief that there are hells, heavens, and a middle world. This is something I think should be a general foundation for individuals diving into this. There is a ton of literature, concepts, theories, belief systems about this. A great starting point would be to learn about the Chakras, and innerstand that each of the energy centers within is a layer of dimensional resonance/consciousness. This idea has gained popularity within modern spiritual movements and is often associated with personal transformation, expanded awareness, and spiritual evolution. These concepts are often tied with ancient and indigenous cultures and teachings as well.


Humans are starting to recognize that reality extends beyond this physical plane and encompasses subtler dimensions of existence. While there are polarized theories and still so much "separation" between spirituality and science, we are finding more and more physicists, scientists, and spiritual individuals accounting for the value of multidimensionality. A good example would be the Monroe Institute that studies the astral experiences of individuals exploring the cosmos as we know it. I would also recommend the studies of Dan Winter, a scientist, who is breaking through scientific boundaries as he dives into the physics of spiritual experiences, cosmic traveling, and sacred geometrical structures of creation. More info on this in the free guide below!

What is the Heart Temple?


The Heart Temple is a very important space that represents a sacred and interdimensional space within and beyond oneself. It is a space I closely associate with the heart chakra. Our heart chakras are a very sacred center of love, compassion, and spiritual connection. The Heart Temple serves as a meeting point between the individual's internal and external landscape. It is a space that offers a sense of safety, protection, and guidance during journeys and interdimensional exploration. This specific field of energy is inspired by the Multidimensional School of Consciousness founded by Nusra Sahin. 


Visually, your Heart Temple may look, feel, or embody a unique energy each time. It may be envisioned as a sanctuary or hub enveloped in love and light. This is a space where one can retreat to connect with the divine and access the wisdom and guidance of higher realms. The Heart Temple is not limited by physical constraints and can expand limitlessly, reflecting the infinite nature of the divine essence within. Outside of form, I view the Heart temple as a large cosmic ball of light with many strings that connect with streams, worlds, dimensions, and/or frequencies. These many threads of the heart space represent the individual's ability to establish connections and communicate with different aspects of their spiritual existence. They signify the interconnectedness of all things and the potential for expansive exploration and growth. This is what we will be connecting with in this work.

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