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One element that should be prioritized in spiritual studies is the energetic layers of the body. At the core root we are vibrational beings in a vibrational world. Much of what we consume (food, media, conversation) dictates and influences our reality.  Below is some information, books, and pictures that may help your process of inner standing your being.


This is a comprehensive list of basic information about each Chakra/Energy Center of the body. We have Energy Centers outside of these (i.e - Earth Star, Soul Star, Ears, Hands, Feet). I recommend learning the Sanskrit name for each of these as its a powerful mantra to utilize. Each of the Chakras have a Feminine and Masculine element to them. I am describing the the tree of life,  planetary, elemental, color, and mantra associated with these on a basic level. See more information in the links/books sections.


Feminine/Input/Receiving. "I AM" Connected to Kether/Purple and White/Jupiter/Time and Space (BOTH FEMININE AND MASCULINE IN FORCE. UNION OF SHIVA AND SHAKTI)

Third Eye/Ajna

Feminine/Input/Receiving. "I SEE" Connected to Chokmah and Binah/Indigo/Neptune/Light and Dark


Masculine/Output/Giving. "I SPEAK" Connected to Geburah and Chesed/Blue/Mercury/Ether


Masculine and Feminine. Alchemy Center. Vehicle of Healing. "I LOVE" Tiphereth/Pink and Green/Venus/Air (Some would say only Feminine)

Solar Plexus/Manipura

Masculine/Output/Giving. "I DO" Yellow/Hod and Netzach/Sun and Mars/Fire


Feminine/Input/Receiving. "I FEEL" Orange/Yesod/Venus and Moon/Water


Masculine/Output/Giving. "I AM HUMAN" Malkuth/Red/Earth and Saturn/Earth

The body receives two main flows of energy. One flow is from the Divine going down, and the other is from Gaia/Earth Grid and up. It is very normal for the Chakras to be in an imbalanced state and quite rare for them to spin together and aligned if they haven't been completely mastered.


All chakras are connected with the one above and below. The Crown is also connected with the Root, Sacral with the Third Eye, Throat with the Solar Plexus, and the Heart can be seen like a web that brings all of these energies together. 


If you find a chakra imbalance, it is either directly associated with that chakra, the connection with the lower or upper flow, and/or one or more of the Meridian flow points. 


Some blocks are centered around traumas or woundings and you may need work on more than one chakra. A good place to start is the connecting points. If someone has issues with expression or speaking their truth, Throat chakra pain, or connecting with their inner voice; they may have an imbalance as well in the Solar Plexus and lower chakras around power, intake, and self esteem. This is most likely stemming from their inner child.  


Each of the Meridians and Chakras are associated with the multiple layers of the physical, mental, emotional, astral, etheric, etc bodies. Some of the Chakras have specific connections with a body. 


I recommend working with the Earth Star and Soul Star chakras when you begin to feel more comfortable. These are strong roots in which we gain our main influxes of energy. There are also chakra points above the Soul Star as well to research if you are interested.


There are many different interpretations of the different bodies based on interdimensional/metaphysical studies. You will find some graphics above that give some examples. I will be sharing a very basic interpretation of these bodies to start you on your journey. These are based off of a 7 dimensional/density study, but as we evolve, we are finding there are more bodies and dimensional connections surpassing 7 dimensions. We can generally condense our reality into three layers. The Physical Plane (3D), Astral Plane (4D), and Spiritual Planes (5D+). We have bodies that reside in each plane and it is important to awaken all of these layers, starting with becoming fully conscious in the Physical reality and beyond.

Physical Body

This includes our flesh, organs, blood, hair, and physical vessel. 

Emotional Body

Our emotional body is seen as a bridge between our physical and mental body. This is connected to our relationship with existence and emotions. The nervous system, hormones, touch, and water are associated here. 

Mental Body

This layer is associated with our thoughts, connected with the Astral and Spiritual bodies specifically. The Mental is often a reflection of either our Astral or Spiritual bodies and vice versa.

Astral Body

This is a layer of the body that is directly below the Spiritual Plane bodies. This layer of being is directly connected to another layer of existence through our dream states. Activating this body is important to climbing the ladder of consciousness. 

Etheric Body

This body mixes and/or is right above the Astral Body. This body is associated with us connecting  the physical to the higher level bodies. This is also widely known as our Auric field. This is the densest layer of the Spiritual plane.

Celestial Body

This is the light body connected directly to the brow, and higher feelings/consciousness of universal existence and pure ecstasy. It is the level through which we experience unconditional love and spiritual ecstasy.

Causal/Karmic Body

This is the body associated with our Innermost flame of being and higher layers to the soul. This body is the everything and no-thing. This is the root of your blueprint and often holds all roots of your akashic layers and can be utilized to connect with higher realms. 

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