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Alignment Sessions are powerful guided experiences filled with timeless energy work that assist an individual in connecting with a specific field and frequency through sounds, tones, energywork, light language, and interdimensional meditation. You do not have to do anything but relax and receive. Each session you experience will offer you something unique. It is recommended to listen at least 3 times in the first week and at least 1-2 a week for a month. After this, follow your intuition and continue to explore their magic. These sessions can encourage out of body experiences, multidimensional sensitivity, and inner divine experiences. Each session is between 20-30 minutes in length. Alignment Sessions are the introductory part of Cosmic Attunements and our Sol Harmonyx experiences. 

You can subscribe to our Monthly Memberships/Family of Light Beams for exclusive access to Energetic Alignment Sessions here.

Copyright of material as well as sharing any purchased sounds is prohibited. Personal and spiritual use ONLY!

All works written & composed by : Gabrielle Mason at Shekinah Healing, LLC

© 2023 Gabrielle Mason - Shekinah Healing, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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