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Multidimensional Heart Temple


Discover the transformative power of the Heart Temple through a series of sacred journeys designed to help individuals tap into the profound wisdom of their innermost being. By learning to connect with their heart temple, participants gain access to the vast resources of their inner world, the experience and expansion of their multidimensionality, and the guidance this connection offers. Through three carefully crafted guided journeys, individuals are gently guided through the layers of their being. Each session serves as a catalyst for self-discovery and spiritual growth. This can open the space to create profound shifts in consciousness. This introductory program serves as the foundational step that will prepare individuals for the powerful Cosmic Attunements and Transmissions offered here: I am so excited for you to experience these journeys and dive more deeply into your conscious multidimensional being. There is a group and platform where individuals can share their unique experiences. I look forward to connecting with you on your unique experiences. There are no requirements for individuals. You do not have to be a visualizer, know how to meditate, or have any connection with multidimensionality before diving into the course. Be sure to read the content and recommendations so that you receive the highest quality experiences. I hope you enjoy! - Gabrielle

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Heart Temple Program, $77.00


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