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Solar Logos Cosmic Attunement


This transformative project, dear to my heart, is an honor to share with those destined to experience it. Months of deep meditation on the Creator/Divine Consciousness within all beings led to its creation. The stars, radiant within their 'systems,' emanate the very essence of this stream, with our sun revered as Creator for ages. Words can truly do this project no justice. It must be experienced. The Stars(Suns) that emanate so brightly within their personal 'systems' dance as a direct emanation of this very stream. In this reality, our sun has been worshipped as Creator for millennia. Enjoy this once in a lifetime experience to tap in to your unique connection to the Solar Logos. This Attunement program comprises an alignment session, three cosmic attunements, and an integration session. The Alignment session, a 30-minute light language session, harmonizes chakras from crown to root, tapping into Solar Logos energies and surrounding you in codes of activation and remembrance. The first attunement, The Dragon Mother, journeys to the cosmic womb and a powerful temple of rebirth based in Ancient Sumer/Babylon. We will engage in kundalini-focused energy work, connecting deeply with the Cosmic Dragon Mother Creatrix, Tiamat/Nammu. The second attunement, Cosmic Divine Father, begins in the rainforest and temples of the Ancient Amazon. We begin with a powerful ceremony of purification with a sacred ritual fire. We then experience a cosmic mushroom ceremony, preparing for the temple of the Solar Logos, where divine wisdom flows directly. This is the most potent attunement and sound experience of the series. The final attunement, The Inner Sun, explores the heart temple's chambers, merging you completely with the cosmos/creation. Experience the wisdom of the Inner Christ/Morningstar, immersing in the dance of cosmic creative energies. Embrace this opportunity to unite with the cosmos and awaken dormant wisdom within.

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Solar Logos Attunement, $555.00


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