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Angelic-Christic Blueprint Cosmic Attunement


It is my pleasure to introduce the Angelic-Christic Blueprint Attunement program to the Collective. This has to be one of the most specials projects I have gotten the chance to create. I actually was not planning to create a Cosmic Attunement experience from the Change - EP (released November '23), but I was called to share this project with those it is meant to reach. This is a very potent field. I have never witnessed nor connected with Angelic streams like I did with this experience. I know whoever is meant to work with this Attunement process is not only undergoing major change and alchemical shifts internally and externally, but Angelic Soul Family is calling to you. Through a meticulously curated series of interdimensional sound experiences, including light language, harmonious vocals, frequencies, and binaural audio healing, this attunement process serves as a conduit for profound inner exploration, realization, expansion, and discovery.

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Angelic-Christic Blueprint Attunement, $222.00


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