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Angelic-Christic Blueprint Cosmic Attunement


This is called the Angelic-Christic Blueprint Cosmic Attunement. In this journey, we connect to the inner and outer fields of divine purpose, divinity, and your unique blueprint. We will start by connecting to the Heart temple where we experience a very special energetic alignment session with higher streams of consciousness, including light language and engaging with powerful pyramid wisdom. We then prepare to connect with three very special fields. The first portal space is an akashic field where you will receive codes, healing, activations, and wisdom regarding your divine emanation and purpose here. In the second portal we connect with the Inner Christ-Buddha-Monad and receive a beautiful merging with this energy. The final and third door is a door into higher streams of the Angelic Realms. We will be connecting with these fields internally and receiving a DNA activation via a powerful sound transmission. Finally, we close out by receiving some very special gifts from the divine and grounding safely. Embark on a profound cosmic journey of attunement, a voyage meticulously designed to establish an intimate connection with your inner messenger, Inner Christ, and inner monad. This transformative expedition delves deep into the vast expanse of the akashic field, harnessing your distinct rapport and radiant emission with the esteemed ascended masters, thus forging an unbreakable, profound communion with their luminous wisdom. At the core of this attunement lies our interdimensional sonic interlink with the Angelic Realms, offering a powerful Angelic DNA Activation from your inner worlds. This is one of the most powerful fields I have had the honor of connecting with and I hope you enjoy this field and gain much innerG and healing from this. When accessing this stream, I want you to view this as very personal, because that is what I felt. There were specifically 4-5 angelic streams coming through that some of you may identify as soul ancestors or feel are family.

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Angelic-Christic Blueprint Attunement, $222.00


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