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Gateway of 

Balancing Rocks

"Prepare to enter a once in a lifetime world of cosmic connection, transformation, and inner mastery. Are you Ready?"

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Welcome Lovely Souls,

Welcome to the Celestial Gateway of Initiation Retreat. This retreat is a transformative journey into powerful mystical alchemy. It emphasises internal enrichment and the harmonious integration of the body, mind, emotions, and conscious connection with the Divine Essence within, culminating in a unified spiritualized vision of the Universe. The result is the transformation of both the inner and outer fields into a cohesive unit of universal consciousness and connection. ​ At this Ascension Retreat, participants will embark on a purposeful and structured journey through the conscious and unconscious experiences of life, death, and birth. They will dance closely with the sacred trinity that dwells within all things, moving through intentional journeys and celestial-sonar gateways that bring them closer to the 'SELF/ALL THAT IS' in never-before-seen cosmic technology, journeys, meditations, and one-of-a-kind experiences. ​ Participants will experience various uplifting meditations, transformative practices, intentional fasting, ceremonies, and journeys to sacred power places internally and externally. These experiences will be guided by esteemed leaders Dr. Inglia Amora, the Universal Architect and Master of Ascension, and Gabrielle Mason, a Cosmic Shamanic Guide renowned for her expertise in altered states of consciousness, sound healing, and multidimensionality. Together, they will lead attendees on a journey of spiritual awakening, remembrance, and exploration. ​ With this retreat, we are emulating and diving into the sacred initiation practices of ancient and future times while utilising methods of multidimensional healing, alchemy, and transmutation to navigate this journey. This will create a safe, yet intense, and life-altering journey into becoming. Much of this includes calling back and integrating major layers of the being, releasing outdated systems, and experiencing complete renewal.  ​ We will be harnessing the power of the Cosmos and the Earth to assist us in moving through the Celestial Gateway of Initiation and Mastery. The Essence of the Divine Mother, Yin, Cosmic Womb and Life Force is at the forefront of this retreat creating powerful altered states of consciousness, kundalini-based experiences, visions, purging, releasing, alchemy, and so much more. These experiences are unparalleled and extremely unique, drawing inspiration from sacred texts, historical narratives, and the rhythm of Cosmic Creation. Individuals may want to look at this retreat as offering a portal into an accelerated version of the ascension experience, as if life were pressing fast forward on the remote control.  ​ Much of this journey together may resemble plant medicine experiences, with potential for profound purging on all levels, vivid visions, intense physical sensations, and more. Plant medicine, when utilised in the right context, can create altered states of consciousness, stimulating the life force and inner being to assist in the overall releasing, cosmic connection, and becoming of the individual. We want to share with you the beauty of creating similar experiences led by your inner-most being along with the powerful and intentional tools we have to offer you. We prioritise creating a traditional and sacred experience, valuing the intuitive flow of nature, but also taking into account the importance of preparation, integration, and the full nature of the experience.  ​ It is important to know our essence truly influences and creates the reality we inhabit, and our path to liberation and freedom from suffering, cycles of pain, and the inception of a New Earth involves aligning ourselves with love and compassion. Each external experience mirrors our internal landscape. We must willfully dive within to cultivate and truly see change on the outside. Through this Ascension Retreat, individuals will be safely guided out of cycles of suffering, pain, and distress by offering supportive practices and transformative tools to accompany them on their journey. This experience is rooted in leading individuals towards self-liberation through authentic and proven methodologies. This Retreat is orchestrated and influenced by the implementation of immediate changes to lifestyle and embodiment, encompassing dietary adjustments, meditation exercises, a combination of ecstatic dance and serene states of rest, potent audio-energetic alignments and journeys, sacred ceremonies and rituals, communion with the natural world, travelling to sacred places, among other aspects of divine connection and healing. ​ Individuals will find that this is so much more than a retreat and an experience of fate and destiny calling the soul name of those that are ready to ascend to a new dimension of existence. It is tailored for individuals seeking to transform, transmute, and step into their inner God/Goddess. Participants can expect to forge life-changing connections, acquire transformative tools, and integrate profound practices into their lives. You will enter as one person and leave as another. ​ Discover the Inner Divine in innovative ways - where the Inner Divine represents the purest and most potent essence of the Self (God), encompassing all that we perceive. Embrace the true nature of your expression. Open the space to hear the whispers of divine stream through your being. It’s time lovely souls! ​ It’s time lovely souls! Expect to be enveloped in love and compassion by the practitioners during this experience and welcomed with open arms. Be prepared to let go of what no longer serves you and get ready to step into a life-changing gateway of celestial initiation that is destined for you. We eagerly anticipate meeting and connecting with you. With all the love in the world,

Gabrielle C. S. Mason  

What to Expect?

- Cosmic Attunements, Energetic Alignment Sessions, and Integration Sessions. These are a huge part of the retreats. The cosmic attunement programs are split into three portions over 15 days. Like the plant medicine in a medicine retreat the cosmic attunements serve as a very similar experience with waves of preparation as well as integration. There will induce altered states of consciousness and create life-changing alchemical shifts along with the power of other practices, fasting, meditation. - Daily Practices of Devotion, Compassion, and Reflection (Morning and Evening) - Ceremonies/Rituals centered around the Heart/Womb Cleansing and Purification, Moon, Earth Connection. These are potent ceremonies in a deep heart resonance with the planet, the sun, the moon, and others joining together in layered healing. - Practices of various techniques of meditation, Qigong movements, Yogas, Pranayama(breathwork exercises), ecstatic dances. - Periods of silence, solitude, self-observation, Samādhi, Vipassanā and attention training to calm the mind and stop the inner monologue. - Ancient Energy practices to harmonise the hemispheres of the brain, enhance the pineal gland, improve intuition, intelligence, and memory, as well as to saturate the entire body with cosmic energy. - Lubrication of the body. Our body needs oils because the structure of cells consists of oils. If a person disrupts the balance of oils, then there is an imbalance of elements and the internal environment within. - Organic and environmentally friendly means of deep purification of the physical, mental, and emotional body. Herbal medicine and herbal nutrition. Sacred practices of cleansing and regenerating the body with herbal infusions, balms, massage, and saunas will help you get rid of accumulated toxins and negative thought patterns and emotions. - Bathing and swimming therapies


Day by Day (Including Daily Activities) also room to include travel and experiencing land Day 1 - Introductions What is this? What to expect? Grounding, Begin considering intentions Day 2 - Alignment session and Prep Day 3 - Cosmic Attunement Ceremony 1 (Midday or Night) Day 4 - Cosmic Attunement Ceremony 1 (Midday or Night) Day 5 - Integration, Reflection and Rest Focus Day 6 - Integration and Preparation for Part two (DryFasting?) Day 7 - Alignment Session and Prep Day 8 - Cosmic Attunement Ceremony 2 - Death (Night) Day 9 - Cosmic Attunement Ceremony 2 - Death (Night) Day 10 - Integration, Reflection, Rest, Focus Day 11 - Alignment Session and Prep Day 12 - Alignment and Cosmic Attunement Ceremony 3 - Resurrection (Morning) Day 13 - Cosmic Attunement Ceremony 3 - Resurrection (Morning) Day 14 - Integration Day 15 - Close Out, Integrate, Reflect, Goodbye The Ascension Retreat initiates multidimensional evolution and self-mastery, providing participants with the concepts and tools for self-perfection and ascension. The Retreat is based on a unique healing system that consists of intensive purification, rejuvenation of the body at the cellular level, and harmonious creation of the crystalline body of light that allows for the absence of aging and active longevity. Daytime Quiet meditation/Vipassana/Pranayama/Inner Heart Connection/Asana Move into intuitive morning circle what are we feeling how are we doing? reflection (talk about day ahead after) Heart/Gaia /Heavens - Daily tool we will be utilizing for protection, connection to the inner being, and to also track and observe the inner being and process) Great tool to enhance multidimensional sensitivity as well as Clair’s Ecstatic Dance Movement Nighttime Song to Divine Mother Every night before close Reflect, Kind words to self and others, Hugs Visit the inner tree of life and offer intentional elixirs Vipassana/Pranayama/Close Out and Bed This retreat is a space of joy and high vibration frequencies, where transformational energy practices are conducted for upgrading subtle bodies and chakras. This space was created for the purpose of working on oneself by releasing old patterns and personality-conditioning programs to reveal your essence as a divine multidimensional being and regard others the same. During the retreat, you will have the opportunity to initiate ascension, the crystal body of light, and pranic nourishment. Prana, Chi – is a cosmic energy, the very substance of life, and is present in everything that exists. It is a universal energy of infinite power that was used by our ancestors as nutrition. In ancient times, people used to say that “Eating is breathing.” Usually, in its natural state, each cell of the body takes everything it needs from the vital cosmic force to be in perfect health and harmony. This cosmic energy is within us and all around us, and it could be used for unlimited nourishment and rejuvenation. The pranic activation facilitates the expansion of our consciousness and raises our vibration to match the frequency of higher realms. Also, you may uncover the inner teacher and awaken hidden reserves of self-healing. Healing is more dependent on your intention, openness, strong desire, faith in yourself, and the power of energetic practices. In any case, in order to achieve the best result, after the retreat, you need to continue improving yourself, taking responsibility for your healing, self-perfection, and further ascension. The carbon-based body that you have now will evolve into a crystalline body of light, with less and less need for physical food to sustain you. Your energy will come directly from the Source light and unlimited love, and thanks to this Ascension Retreat, you will have the ability to tune into this powerful energy and initiate the ascension process. *While the retreats are structured in a general sense, each retreat is designed correspondingly to the needs and demands of participants.

Your Host


Gabrielle Mason



1. Practice pranayama, Samādhi, Vipassanā, creative visualisations, and meditations in the field of high frequencies of love to harmonise the brain hemispheres, upgrade the pineal gland, improve concentration, depth of perception, awareness, and intuition. You will discover new states of consciousness and perhaps take a shamanic journey to strengthen the harmonisation of the soul, heart, and mind for the blossoming of divinity within and then outwardly. 2. Purification from negative thoughts, emotions, and anxiety. Filling your chakras, aura, and whole body with a powerful charge of cosmic energy to enhance the pranic flow through the body. Enhancing an electromagnetic field of light around yourself for more energy and protection. Re-activating the process of rejuvenation and cell renewal for overall health and longevity. 3. Align the body system to the ultimate breatharian energy level of breathing and nutrition to increase immunity and discover the hidden reserves of self-healing. Detoxification of your body with the 1 to 4 days of dry fast to reset your body’s ability to use prana, a supreme energy to be nourished with the highest energetic nutrition. As a result, you will experience lightness as well as an increased level of energy and vitality. 4. Heal yourself by cleansing the cellular structures from negative energies and the burden of negative emotions, toxins, mutations, and energy blocks. Genetic, multidimensional clearing, and activation of high-grade DNA, to become lighter and more connected to your authentic essence. This will create conditions for increasing light in your energy field to reawaken the abilities of the Prime Origins, so you may touch the peak of human potential. 5. Realign and initiate a deeper connection with your origins and the sacredness of creation in order to make a quantum leap and gain greater knowledge and wisdom. Open a new world of unity consciousness and your way to ascension. 6. Transform alchemically. Reawaken the higher chakras and activate the ascension template to ignite and empower your inner goddess, reveal the depth of female magic, and achieve a deeper sense of well-being, emotional stability, and bliss. 7. Go beyond the usual perception of reality and open up new perspectives for manifesting your highest future. Rebirth and alignment of body, mind, and spirit with the Higher Self to deepen the inner spiritual journey for the creation of your life in the divine flow. 8. Embrace highly vibrational energy flows through the power of conscious breathing, dynamic meditations, and ecstatic dance to open yourself to an infinite source of inspiration, creativity, and transformation. In the process of dancing, you can get in touch with the information that was hidden in the subconscious and look at things from another point of view. Like a computer, in which you periodically clean or defragment a hard disc, in the ecstatic dance you can purify your system and holistically optimise the body with a new charge of energy. 9. Establish your Pillar of Light from the Great Central Sun. Reunite with Mother Earth and the Universe to harmonise with the highest plan of the New Earth. You will learn to manage all spheres of life, as well as easily and consciously create the desired reality and manifest your dreams in the material world. 10. Harmonise the feminine and masculine divine aspects of your nature to achieve integrity and return to Oneness, to heal relationships, and to acquire a feeling of deep inner peace, serenity, and joy. 11. Launch the ascension of the body at the cellular level. Initiate the conscious transformation of a carbon-based body into an eternal, crystalline body of light. Like crystals, the crystalline cell structure is capable of high vibration, which can be used in healing, channelling, and realising full sensory perceptions of telepathy, clairvoyance, and clairaudience. 12. Awaken your precious heritage accumulated in previous lives through the activation of multi-dimensional transmission in places of power. You will have the opportunity to obtain enlightenment and receive knowledge from the Higher Self, Ascended Masters, and your galactic friends to clarify the direction and optimise the unfolding of your mission in this life.


The main focus of this Ascension Retreat is holistic purification, rejuvenation, and ascension. This Retreat represents the best courses and practices that Shambala Academy provides, along with the holistic education of these programs: New Multidimensional Human – Ascended Master Architect of a New Reality – Architect of Shambala - Architect of the New Earth The ascension education, methodology, and practices that are applied for the Ascension Retreat within the counselling sessions are: *Teachings of Holistic Purification & Self-Perfection & Pranic Living = Authors Jasmuheen, Dmitry Lapshinov and others. *True History of the Creation and Earth: “Flower of Life” and “Earth Sky Heart” Workshops = Drunvalo Melchizedek. *Secrets of Ascension & Light Body Activation = William Henry. *Eastern Arts - Qigong & Xi Sui Jing (Taoist complex for cleansing bones, spinal cord, and brain), Tshi Qigong (Taoist secret technique of energy nutrition), & Jue Gu (Taoist methodology of fasting). *Ecstatic Dance & Sensual Workout, & Integrative Shamanic Dynamic Meditation Journeys with Dr. Inglia Amora *Initiation to become the New Multidimensional Human & God / Goddess = Matias De Stefano, Judy Satori, and others. *Ascension Support: Karmic Clearing, Secrets to Health, Body Nourishment, and Active Longevity = Dr. Sue Morter, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Edward Group, and others. *Sacred Geometry - Spiritual Science = Robert J. Gilbert, Ph.D. *Sacred Power = Caroline Myss. *Mystery Teachings = Dr. Theresa Bullard. *Becoming Supernatural = Dr. Joe Dispenza. *Moving towards Wholeness: Inner Evolution through Biological Change = Dr. Bruce Lipton. *The Abundance Paradigm & the Law of Creation = Darryl Anka/Bashar, Marina Jacobi, John Kehoe, Joe Vitale, and others. *Leadership & Finding Your Life’s Mission & Masterclasses: “Dreams into Reality” = Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Jack Canfield, Oprah Winfrey, and others. *Escape the Matrix to enter the New Earth = David Icke, Vladimir Megre. *Inner Peace through Hypnotherapy & Lucid Dreaming & Soul Code Transmissions & Creative Visualizations & Samādhi and Vipassanā Meditations = DR. B. Alan Wallace, Daniel Schmidt, Mooji and others. *The Sacred Gaia - Sacred Sites & Technologies = Freddy Silva, Gregg Braden, Sonja Grace, Billy Carson and others. *Merging with Siva - Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami *Teachings and Wisdom of Dr. Dan Winter The exact plan of this holistic ascension education, including master classes along with alchemical practices, journeys, and activities, will be designed and adjusted according to the Retreat.


2. What are Cosmic Attunements?

Unique to Shekinah Healing, cosmic attunements embody a profoundly sacred and spiritual journey that encompasses various dimensions of one's existence – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This process serves to align an individual harmoniously with a specific cosmic frequency and energy, safeguarded within a sacred and authentic framework. I often correlate this energy with the Divine Mother's wisdom and guidance, alongside profoundly sacred and distinctive shamanic practices, metaphysical exploration, and methodologies. Much of this work is work centered around connecting an individual with their creative force, life force, and/or Kundalini. You could view these as chi/prana stimulating experiences that induce altered states of consciousness leading to intense clearing, alchemizing, and becoming/embodying. We all carry powerful life force within us. This life force creates, births, destroys, and alchemizes among many other things. These experiences are very similar to creating a personalized chamber for each individual that feels the call to take the leap into transformation and actualization. ​ Cosmic attunements are not confined to a specific audience; however, participants should be prepared for catharsis, purification, enhancement, purging, and transformation. The effects on the physical, mental, and emotional facets can be profound and diverse, underscoring the importance of preparation and integration. While the cosmic attunement experience may last a short time, the attunement experience may extend over a span of 3-6 months for full integration. If you experience this in person you can expect 12-24 months for a full integration period. These Attunements act as timeless and cosmic incubators, facilitating one's rebirth and emergence. Shamanic Ceremony + Cosmic Frequency + Intention + Magic + Sound + YOU = Cosmic Attunements The amalgamation of our life force energy and the orchestration of cosmic ecstasy, coupled with a deliberate connection to a specific stream of creation, engenders the potent activation and attunement within one's essence. It is the innermost cosmic sphere and uni-verse (a singular song) that will guide the individual's journey. The sounds, effort, voyages, and purposeful infusion of love and magic into each Attunement are pivotal in facilitating this progression. It's important to acknowledge that each Attunement is intrinsically linked to the betterment of our collective and the greater good. This work draws inspiration from ancient and futuristic methodologies of energy, sound, and cosmic rejuvenation. The majority of Attunements encompass luminous language, energy restoration, and guided expeditions into heightened dimensional realms. This likening can be drawn to sacred ceremonial processes, involving alignment sessions, integration, and the Attunements themselves. Beyond facilitating a connection with the innermost self and unifying layers of existence, these Attunements serve to rouse one's multidimensional awareness. The sole prerequisite is a commitment to self-investment and the pursuit of the highest good. This distinctive process has been meticulously developed over years, and though subject to evolution, its core essence remains rooted in alignment with our collective, enriched with comprehensive instructions for an optimal encounter.

What is Multidimensionality?

YOU are Here. YOU are There. YOU are Everywhere. YOU is not you, but the ALL. YOU are Conscious Awareness with the ability to tap into limitless conscious experiences. Multidimensionality is a concept that arises from the intersection of spirituality, metaphysics, and the belief in multiple dimensions beyond our physical lens' of perception. It suggests the existence of higher and lower realms or dimensions of consciousness that can be accessed and explored. This idea has gained popularity within modern spiritual movements and is often associated with personal transformation, expanded awareness, and spiritual evolution. These concepts are often connected to ancient and indigenous cultures and teachings as well. Humans are starting to recognize that reality extends beyond this physical plane and encompasses subtler dimensions of existence. While there are polarized theories and still so much "separation" between spirituality and science, we are finding more and more physicists, scientists, and spiritual individuals accounting for the value of multidimensionality. A good example would be the Monroe Institute that studies the astral experiences of individuals exploring the cosmos as we know it. I would also recommend the studies of Dan Winter, a scientist, who is breaking through scientific boundaries as he dives into the physics of spiritual experiences, cosmic traveling, and sacred geometrical structures of creation. Practices such as meditation, energy work, channeling, astral projection, and journeying are commonly used to tap into higher dimensions. Through these practices, individuals seek to expand their consciousness, connect with their higher selves, and explore the multidimensional aspects of their being. It is believed that by accessing these higher dimensions, individuals can gain insights, receive guidance, and experience a deeper connection with the spiritual aspect of their existence. Theories of multidimensionality also suggests that there are infinite possibilities and timelines coexisting alongside our own. Many would often say that exploring higher dimensional states of energy is more "real" than the density of this physical reality. Through my studies and personal experiences, I deeply subscribe to the belief that we have many bodies, vehicles, and streams of consciousness available for us to tap into. This requires a "remembering" and conscious choice of shedding density/heaviness. Consciousness is awareness is God is love. There are many ways to become more sensitive to these streams and I believe that our journeys, transmissions, and cosmic attunements are amazing tools to utilize. I am looking forward to your experiences with these journeys and the movement we will create as a collective sharing waves of love and healing energy within our many infinite layers.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, you can secure your spot with a $500 USD deposit, and then pay the remaining balance in two instalments: one 120 days before the retreat and the second 60 days before the retreat. Please note that a small surcharge applies for this option.

Are flights included?

You are responsible for making your way to the retreat destination. ________ Airport,  is the airport to arrive to.

Do i need travel insurance for this retreat?

Yes valid travel insurance for your trip to Bali and all experiences is a requirement to attend.

What is the refund policy?

Yes valid travel insurance for your trip to Bali and all experiences is a requirement to attend.

Are substances/alcohol allowed?


3. What are Alignment Sessions?

Alignment Sessions are powerful guided experiences filled with timeless energy work that assist an individual in connecting with a specific field and frequency through sounds, tones, energywork, light language, and interdimensional meditation. You do not have to do anything but relax and receive. Each session you experience will offer you something unique. These sessions can encourage out of body experiences, multidimensional sensitivity, and inner divine experiences. Each session is between 20-30 minutes in length. Alignment Sessions are the introductory part of Cosmic Attunements and our Sol Harmonyx experiences. In a retreat setting, these alignment sessions will be viewed as preparation for the body and being in regards to the specific resonant field of the cosmic attunements.

Is this retreat open to all genders?

This retreat is for female identifying people only.

Is there yoga/exercise on this retreat?

Yes, however please note this is not a ‘yoga retreat’ or workout retreat.

Are meals included?

All meals will be included with a secure nutritional plan including fasting, juicing, and dry fasting throughout the 15 days, You are responsible if you want totry addition meals.

Is there free time on the retreat?

Yes valid travel insurance for your trip to Bali and all experiences is a requirement to attend.

Any living arrangement recommendations?

Yes valid travel insurance for your trip to Bali and all experiences is a requirement to attend.

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