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This is a very special project held dearly to my heart and it is an honor to share it with whoever is meant to experience it. I spent months in deep meditation on the concept of the Creator/Divine Consciousness that IS and DWELLS within all things. The Stars(Suns) that emanate so brightly within their personal 'systems' dance as a direct emanation of this very stream. In this reality, our sun has been worshipped as Creator for millennia. The "Solar Logos" is a specific word that has its origins in various ancient religious and philosophical traditions. It is often associated with the divine or higher cosmic principles and is viewed as the unifying and guiding force in the universe.


While interpretations may vary across different belief systems, the Solar Logos generally represents a profound spiritual concept that embodies aspects of creation, enlightenment, and cosmic order. In metaphysical and spiritual terms, the Solar Logos can be understood as divine intelligence and source of creation, manifestation of cosmic order, spiritual illumination and enlightenment, specific solar deities, universal consciousness, and so much more. It cannot be truly defined by words, but by experience/gnosis.


This is a large part of the expansive 3 part cosmic attunement process found here:

Solar Logos Keycode

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