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The Hathors (Venus) Keycode is one of the most unique fields I have had the joy of connecting with. The energetic resonance was one of great potency, but also a gentle and motherly caress and embrace that I hope you are able to feel. At times you may feel called to dance, chant along, close your eyes, be still. Please do what you are led to do as this will assist in the movement, releasing, and overall energy flow. This specific project has many ties, but the main field of connection is that of Venus, Hathor, and who we call the Hathor’s. (Other Keywords: Ancient Egypt/Sumer/Shambala/Inner Earth/Agartha/The Inner Morningstar).


As I was working on this Keycode a huge message came through surrounding sexual healing, water, and energetic clearing around the relationship with the universal life force. Who are the Hathor’s? In my experience, the Hathors are an interdimensional cosmic field of collective conscious energies that are connected to Venus. They have a very beautiful method of operation through sounds, energy, and love. They have assisted much of my work and are the inspiration behind a lot of my sounds.


More information here: Information is information. Always trust your intuition and gut. Let love be your foundation.

The Hathors/Hathor/Venus

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