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Priest/Priestess Path

This message is for the collective of individuals that are seeking to dive further into the Divine mysteries of the Inner Being. That conspire in ways and are drawn to becoming an embodiment of Oneness, Divinity, and the All That Is within and without. I have done a lot of personal research and inner work to really dive into the layers of the Priest/Priestess Path and what it means to me and I would like to share that with you. I feel a new(ancient) wave of individuals that are beginning to head into and seek out this information. While I am on a Priestess Path, I will try to utilize both Priest/Priestess as these roles may have different core meanings as to what they represent, but are one in the same.

Priest/Priestess Path Info

The Priest/Priestess path is an embodiment or a way of being. I have found that while Priestess schools have certain ties and connections with schools of thought, it’s a universal process and energy we experience. Not something you have to sacrifice a lot of money, personal deity affinities, or beliefs for. It’s an internal process of initiation for many that feel called. There are some grounded feminine or masculine dominant energies in present day that embody ancient and future priest/priestess schools of thought and can assist in your process of journeying back to the innate layers within. The Cosmic Attunements offered would be a great tool for individuals who resonate with this energy.  


The Priest/Priestess path is a lifetime journey around self mastery and constant expansion into oneness in some form, usually within a sect of spiritual thought or philosophy, but placing action into it. The embodiment of the Divine Mother and Father. Coming home to self. You can become a Priest/Priestess of a specific deity or figure of spirituality, most commonly Isis, Hathor, Horus, Yeshua, Melchizedek, Solomon, Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, Etc., but far enough into the journey you will recognize the oneness of all. If you are called to the priest/priestess path, you must surrender to the responsibility to seed a universal truth and light that is both old and new, but has been long forgotten. You will know inside of you that this is for you.


Becoming a priest/priestess is the Divine worship of the elements, Gaia, the Divine Supreme, and most of all the Feminine and Masculine marriage within. Most everything I have experienced and seen with the Priest/Priestess path is along the lines of an internal and slow journey towards remembering layers of who you are. Leading you to divine feminine or masculine symbols and ideologies. Words such a kundalini, priestess/priest, rose, dove, rebirth, womb, phallus, and other mystical symbols call to you. Calling you deeper into the recesses of a divine and innate truth. Once we are able to clear the cloudy debris of our egos, fears, and noise of this world, we are able to see just enough to take us down a designated path. It will look different for each individual, but will rest in the same truth. Love and Embodiment. For priests/priestesses, this is also the return of something that has been buried for a long time. 


A priest/priestess is different than a high priest/high priestess who has mastered the works of their soul, body, mind, and spirit. They are a true vessel of divine light and experience the riches of heaven on earth (complete birth of the Sun within). They guide others on their journeys towards the same remembrance. Before heading onto the path of a priestess, you would be classified as an initiate. After quite some time spent in internal work and mastery, you will know internally and usually psychically through vision, feeling, or an experience that you are now a priest/priestess. It comes with a level of mastery. It is not a title that we are born with. It’s kind of similar to having your bachelors (initiate), moving onto your masters (priest/priestess) and finally receiving your PhD (high priest/priestess).  Books, music, connections, and people will be teachers and lessons until we reach a certain height within of remembering that the priest/priestess path is an internal one. Only you have the power to initiate and liberate yourself and you’ll remember that we are never alone. It can be a pretty lonely and confusing journey as you discover the path inside, but you will see soon enough there are worlds and priests/priestesses waiting for you from long ago and far into the future. 


I have come into contact with fellow priestesses at a time of their first layer of initiation, usually the kundalini awakening that requires you to settle into a path in a way, I have also met aged priests and masters internally and externally that have assisted me at the right time. When you feel the call, remember that this is an internal process, but communities are now growing to assist in this process of remembering. Priest/Priestess can mean many different things, but in my opinion and spiritual experience, it is a devotee to true internal liberation and a divine representation of the Divine Mother/Father within. Roles such as healing, herbal work, ancient midwifery, liberation, shamanic journeying, group channeling, oracle work, holding space, creating, elemental magic, womb work, belly dancing, sexual magic, devotion to the divine, planetary magic/work, etc. all make up an image of the physical work of the priest/priestess path specifically. You may find that you are naturally called to expand upon these things as your journey deepens. There is also the lower worlds we must descend into to master the heaviness of the pain we have beared for many many lives. This is most commonly associated with the Initiate/Early stages of the Priestess Path, also known as the Dark Night of the Soul, when we are in deep discovery of innate truths within. This is a time of embodying and coming home to all layers of self. Mastering and diving into the practices listed above can help a ton. You can also reach out to me personally with any questions, experiences, etc. 


Remember, only the Womb can birth and only the seed can create life/consciousness/existence.

I love you and express my thanks to the foremothers and fathers for assisting me in sharing this information.

- Gabrielle 

Mystery Schools

In regards to the Mystery Schools of Ancient times, most popular would be those in Ancient Greece, Egypt, Sumer, the indigenous Americas, etc. These Mystery Schools held a lot of the wisdom of ancient times. Most of them oriented around complete liberation from the physical into spirit. Sacred texts that laid out similar statutes throughout history would be truly inhabited and embodied by initiates rather than viewed as surface level. For example the alchemy and process of Isis and Osiris and the creation of Horus and how that alchemically connects to the Kundalini and birthing a new energy within spiritually rather than physically. Many would eventually dive further into initiation by heading into sacred temples to spiritually die, be reborn and resurrected (found in Greece, Egypt, Americas). This was often the wisdom connected to super ancient times before with Atlantis/Lemuria and returning to a state of oneness outside of separation. 


Concepts such as Feminine, Masculine, Creation/Sexual energy, Geometry, Numbers, Star systems/Astrology, and Sacred texts were studied. There were Priests/Priestesses of Isis, Osiris, Hathor, Inanna, Delphi, etc., that would be called initiates until they made it to a certain point of mastery within these mystery schools and then became Priests/Priestesses or holders of the wisdom to then eventually become teachers, guides, and practitioners that represented the energy of the mystery school. Not all mystery schools were associated with deities as well. We find that a lot of the mystery schools were connected with ancient universal teachings around white sexual magic and other sacred rites and many connect these school to associations with Lemuria/Atlantis. As society progressed, a lot of this wisdom was inherited with the initial start of Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Illuminati, etc. now these societies don’t always have the best wrap; but initially they held very sacred energy. 

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